Pushing the boundaries of collaborative writing …

A Collaborative Writing Project Interweaving the best aspects of of Choose Your Own Adventure to produce a new phase in interactive Storytelling .

Complex characters, mature themes and concepts which are neither black or white. Its Choose Your Own Adventure – but for adults.

In true Choose Your Own Adventure style, projects are formulated to suit the genre and environment. Teams are either made up of 9 writers, 4 editors, 3 Beta readers, and conducted over 13 weeks OR 6 writers, 2 editors, 1 beta reader and conducted over 13 weeks…….with either team, the project will take twists and turns no-one is likely to forecast.

Although primarily aimed at exploring collaborative writing,  CYOA is a threefold project.

Part One pushes the boundaries of collaborative writing with its tight timeframes utilising technology to link an international team in order to create a truely collaborative story, woven organically.This outcome was to provide a literary adventure, a bootcamp for writers – a playground where skills are improved and honed through collaboration.

Part Two takes the concept of Choose Your Own Adventure books and puts it online, for subscribers to read and follow threads at their leisure.

Part Three is not only about showcasing the talents of emerging writers; but it  honours the the input  and influence editors and beta readers have on work in progress.

Choose Your Online Adventures is written collaboratively by a team of international emerging writers, this storyline criss-crosses, double backs and weaves from one story to the next, creating a rich  textural experience for the reader.  With often more than three separate threads to follow, the reader is rewarded with insights and clues along the way; but its not until the entire story unfolds, that the nuances add up and a greater understanding of each character and their motivations are revealed.

Individuals are drawn from around the globe; united by technology and a single story; allowed to fray that knot and weave their own.

As a writer and editor, it has the opportunity to push you to limits you’ve never gone before; test your resolve and challenge your skills as no other project has. It has the opportunity to be one of the hardest things you have written to date.

It also has the opportunity to be the most rewarding, invigorating experiences of your writing life to date; where you network with other talented authors, sharing both ideas, skills and concepts and bust out  the myth that writing is a solitary occupation.

Choose Your Online Adventures is the literary equivalent of a concept album and owes a gratitude  to the Chinese Whisperings’ anthologies for momentum.