Dust and Death

When new deputy arrives into Cyotta Falls, only one person suspects his true purpose. They will do everything in their power to ensure Daniel is kept permanently quiet.

After a landowner dies in front of him and the Sheriff quickly announces it as natural causes, Daniel begins to suspect Cyotta Falls holds its own secrets. With most town folk under suspicion, Daniel must unravel the tight community to uncover its stories. Toss in saloon fights, a travelling freak show, a whiff of black magic and questionable railway land buyers sniffing around, there is a recipe for Western Intrigue which can only be solved by you.

 Can you find out what, or who killed Amos? 

Why has Daniel forgone his city career to take a post as a deputy in this tumbleweed frontier town?

You hold the key, choose carefully. Daniel’s life is in your hands.

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