Have you found a problem on one of our pages?

Seen a glitch or issue in one of the series?

Congratulations – we meant you too!

Seriously… if you have run into a problem while you are reading one of our series, if a link hasn’t worked or a page not loaded up properly – don’t stew over it – let us know so it can be fixed quickly.

If perchance you find a continuity issue in one of the stories ( for example the main character is talking to someone in a forest, you click on an option and you are suddenly both in a bar – or in a snowfield…) let us know as well.  These things can happen – especially with 13 writers all chatting and writing over the top of one another!

Contact Mystress and she will dispatch her team of flying trained monkeys to flail the errant writers with banana skins whilst her pack of rabid squirrels sorts out the IT issues.

Oh – and as a thanks for taking the time to report an issue or problem, the team will send you a copy of the e-book version of the Series you have subscribed to. (date for publication on e-books for late 2011)