Parallel Stories

For your reading pleasure, here are a few tales to introduce you to the authors and the stories behind the world of the our Western Theme.

Click on the title to be taken to a story outside the realms of the series, but that will link into and weave a greater appreciation for the events before and during.You never know, they may give you clues to help you solve the mysteries within the main story.

The Welcome –  Daniel ( the main character) is welcomed into Cyotta Falls as the new deputy.

The Painted Man – Virgil Soames’ Travelling Freak Show turns up at Cyotta Falls a few years before the main events of our series begins.

Secrets – Daniel ( the main character) has only been in town for 24 hours and secrets begin to emerge.

The Doved Wonder – Scratch the surface and there is more to folks at Cyotta Falls than meets the eye. The secrets they carry  begin to plague Daniel.

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