Ed It

California, USA

Ralph Scott d.b.a. Edward It is a Bay Area-based Developmental Editor who is always on the search for engaging stories waiting to be married to agents and publishing deals.

He’s frequently instrumental in introducing one to the other.

A professional Developmental Editor of more years than he would prefer to consider, Edward It (but you can call him ‘Ed’) of Northern California based CREDIT THE EDIT  works with new authors on their fiction and non fiction projects with a specialty in character driven and plot driven novels, historical fiction, mysteries, memoirs, sci fi/sci fantasy, self-help, and children’s literature. He shies away from textbooks, business books, How To’s, and, because he has so much of it in his current life, romance.

Of course, if a gritty romance pops up, he’s more than willing to engage it and edit it for clarity, consistency, and in ways that guarantee no one gets hurt. Speaking of relationships, when Ed takes on a new client, the editor-client dynamic is very much collaborative. Most projects pass through three draft stages.  Ed conducts a complementary ‘Test Edit’ on any five pages from the client’s manuscript to determine how much editing the project will require.  Send him a sample.  No guarantees he’ll take you on but if he does, prepare for one helluva ride.

Series Contributed To:

Dust and Death


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