Laura Rachel Fox

Laura began her foray into the literary world as a prolific young reader which quickly progressed to an interest in creating her own worlds of fiction.

Infused with the power to create, control, direct, and even snuff out the lives of her characters, she quickly discovered her leanings toward world domination. You can only imagine the maniacal laughter that abounded when she realized she could also manipulate time and space.

She received her BS in English Education from Williams Baptist College (AR) in 2004 and spent the years immediately following as a Librarian, where she soon learned that this marvelous building encompassing a world of books had always been her true home.

Having a handful of works published in print and online has boosted her ego enough to pursue a career in writing.

Series Contributed To:

History’s Keeper

In Print

Pen 10 Scribes features a poem “Breathless”

ChickLitCentral features a short story “Up a Steep and Very Narrow Stairway”

Featherings: A Creative Arts Journal Vol. 2:1 Spring 2004 contains two pieces: the short story “The Time of Long Shadows” and the memoir “My Father’s House.”


Falling into the page

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