Justyn Rowe
Victoria, Australia

Always loved a good story. My dad could spin a great yarn, but my sister got all the brains so I didn’t start reading for my own enjoyment until age 15, when I discovered science fiction, and that was the beginning of the end. Or in the case of our current stories the end of the beginning, if you take my meaning.

I didn’t even like writing, but I composed a lot of songs when I would get really depressed or really angry. Once I had lived long enough to have something to really be angry about, the words started to pour out.

So now when I want to write all I need to do is kick something, or fall down somewhere, grab a bottle of red wine and away I go.

I exist to keep the editors in work. Hope you enjoyed this latest outburst.

I currently work as  the Arts & Culture Project Officer of a large city council – by day and moonlight as theatre company president, performing artist, husband and father of two teens. You can see why I need the red wine.. and the outbursts.

Series Contributed To:

History’s Keeper

Dust and Death

In Print

“3 Floors Up” 1999 “-esque” 2000 isbn 095783540x, isbn:0909799105,

Design & Layout:

The Living Poets Society annuals

  • 2002 “This frog has been noticed”,
  • 2003 “Crazy, Young and full of ink”,
  • 2004 “Furry on the inside”

My current projects include transcribing and editing my mother’s local town history/autobiography.


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