Kari Vanalstine
New York

Kari  has been writing for nearly 25 years. She began enjoying writing fiction when she was very young. This desire grew as she took various English and writing classes in high school.

She was published in her high school literary magazine, was a writer for both her high school yearbook and newspaper. In college Kari furthered her writing endeavors by penning several short stories as, “Jasper, 1955”, “In the Company of Wolves”, among others.

Kari graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature, and received her Master of Science in Educational Administration from Texas A&M University.

Most recently Kari has participated in National Novel Writing Month with vast ideas that never came to fruition, however the drafts are still alive for future effort.

CYOA is Kari’s first time  in collaborating with other writers. She sees it as an opportunity to get her writing seen outside her own home. She lives in upstate New York with her boyfriend and their two cats.

Series Contributed To:

History’s Keeper
Dust and Death



Times Union

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