London, UK

Susan is a Canadian born writer living in London.  Currently she is juggling a novel, a collection of short stories, and a number of collaborative projects (including her charity anthology Sunday Snaps: the Stories).   She also writes flash fiction and loves travel, history and photography.  Her work can be found in print and online.


Series Contributed To:
Dust and Death


Susan can be found scribbling on her blog; Scribble & Scatter
and on her website

In Print

100 stories for Queensland

Nothing But Flowers

Scatter: a Selection of Flash Fiction Vol. I

Contact Susan

She can also be found lurking on twitter as @yamnasus and on facebook

On CYOA Project

Writing on the CYOA project presents a unique opportunity to work with other writers through the creative process.  Because of the project’s collaborative nature, the atmosphere is very open and conducive to sharing.  This allows for a rich flow of ideas and enables the characters to grow, and the plot to develop, in a very organic way.

On Dust and Death

I found writing this genre to be especially exciting and challenging as it gave me the chance to explore a storyline, and character set, that was different from what I normally work with.  It was a great experience and I’m happy to have taken part!