The Green Room

So what did our team members think of their collaborative experience with Dust and Death?

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Annie (Mystress Weaver) says,  “Each series is so different than the other. The spirited discussions before the series started carried throughout the writing phases. It was amazing how much research writers went to in order to stay true to a genre, which for most was a foreign or scary theme to write with. Dust and Death is a credit to the team work, late nights and hard work undertaken by its members. I feel so blessed to have met and worked with the team on Dust and Death – and look forward to future writing project with any of them.”


Catherine admits “Westerns have, quite honestly, never appealed to me. However, I’ve learned through ‘Dust and Death’ that when a western is done well, it appeals to fans of all genres. I was surprised and delighted at the twists and turns the story took, the way the characters’ secrets were revealed, the way the story made me laugh sometimes and cry with alarm at others. My time on this project has been well spent, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”


 Emma says – “Before CYOA, my knowledge of Westerns began and ended with Calamity Jane (the Doris Day musical) but I have loved immersing myself in all of the research, it’s a genre I probably wouldn’t have attempted without a project like this.  It was interesting to see where the premise took us with regard to our hub’s characters and I really enjoyed getting to know them all.  There are plenty of twists and dirty secrets and I really can’t wait to read the finished product ( which even the writers have been kept in the dark about!)” 
Krista says she  loved the idea of the story, and hope the readers enjoy it as well.


 Susan  found writing this genre to be especially exciting and challenging as it gave her the chance to explore a storyline, and character set, that was different from what she normally work with.  It was a great experience and she says she is happy to have taken part!.


Tanya   Says ” The last time I played in a wild west world of Cowboys and Indians  I was but a slip of a girl with piggy-tails and dirty fingernails. My cousins and I would take sanctuary in our tree-house  and throw poorly aimed (and rotting) figs at the grotty neighbour boys.  I am happy to report, not a lot has changed (other than the dirty fingernails). In true wild west fashion I had my characters tumbling thru glass windows; brawling in the street; throwing poorly aimed accusations; and in the end —  handling some pretty rotten kinds of flesh (not to mention the poisonous fruit).”


Tomara  says “I went into this thinking it would be a struggle. I’ve never read a Western. I’ve maybe seen three or four movies that were primarily Westerns, but they always included a little something extra: aliens, zombies, and/or flesh eating viruses. While I was told specifically I could NOT add those things, I’m pleasantly surprised how everything turned out… very cool.

I’m not saying that I’m more likely to pick up a Western now that the project is over, but I will definitely be reading this many times. That’s the beauty of CYOA.”