The Green Room

So what did our team members think of their collaborative experience with History’s Keeper?

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Adam says “The deeper I wrote into this project, the more the characters and the ideas became alive. Initially it took a while to visualise the characters and the boundaries of the project. Now Cate and Selene are distinctive characters in my head. They are very strong characters and they rock. It was an interesting process discussing ideas with others, seeing possibilities and options that built on yours and others’ interpretations of the character. I would probably add more fisticuffs. And maybe lasers. I would do it all again.”


Annie  Is indebted and in awe of the creativity of the talent she was blessed to work with on this project.  It far surpassed her wildest dreams in scope and depth of characters explored..


Icy  says “Unfortunately there were a lot of line-up changes to the group I was in so it never really felt very collaborative. I didn’t have much contact with anyone else and it was more like writing in isolation. Still, it was a good experience, and I enjoyed being able to work within a brief using existing characters and backstory. Some writers might get precious about character developments or their own plots but I just saw it as I was “borrowing” the characters from the story. Having limitations is surprisingly liberating.”


John Says “This has been a great group of people to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.”


Justyn  said that History’s Keeer was “A real challenge on many levels but one I would love to try again.”


Krista says she  loved the idea of the story, and hope the readers enjoy it as well .


Laura says “I enjoyed working within the mythology and with the well-constructed characters of Series 1. When I came to the project, the background work of creating the mythology, characters, technology, and plot had already been completed. With the nuts and bolts of the story already devised, I was able to concentrate on writing the story. Working within the set parameters turned the process into an invigorating challenge.It’s been a pleasure working with  the other writers and editors and one I’d be happy to repeat.”


 Susan is juggling a novel, a collection of short stories, and a number of collaborative projects.


Tanya has found her feet in the make believe world of a first time novelist with a newly acquired literature degree in hand.



Says “Time travel. Who doesn’t love a good time travel tale? My hub (or group of writers) took a route that lead us to Princess Anastasia, the “lost” daughter of the Russian Tsar in the early 1900’s. One of the most enjoyable parts for me was doing the research about the time periods that our stories took place in – everything from style of dress to major weather events. I think it would have added to the adventure if our hub had chatted more about the directions we were all taking but life got in the way for most of us – myself included. Still, it was an exercise in putting yourself out there. We each had to continue on after the other’s stories and perhaps it was for the best that the author of the original tale couldn’t really influence the choices the others made once they took over. It was humbling and exciting.

Not something I would recommend for your first foray into collaborative writing, but definitely something to experience.”


Tomara  shares – This is my first collaborative project, so it was really strange, at first, talking to the other writers about the characters in this story. I am used to being in my own little world, so I have a lot of internal dialogue when I start a project.  I also draw pictures and even interview my characters; it’s weird to some, but they don’t understand my creative process. It was really cool to sit in a real time chat with my hubmates and talk about these characters like they were sitting there with us.

As an outsider looking in, I think we, as writers, tread a very thin line between where you are—sitting comfortably in all your normalcy—and insanity. I’m so glad I’m not alone on this road to Crazy.

I’ve really loved getting to know the characters throughout this project. I was initially drawn to Cate, because I totally understood her plight. She believes in doing a job right, and to me, no job is worth doing if it isn’t done right. Well, that, and I am sucker for the underdog.

As the story progressed another character grabbed my attention: The Keeper.  I love that she’s omnipresent and can be different things to different people. She’s also a very nasty piece of work, so the possibilities were endless. I had a lot of fun with her. *insert evil laugh here*