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Welcome to “History’s Keeper”.

Take a while to browse some of the parallel stories, written by some of the writers from the series, which will introduce you to some of the characters and concepts held within this series.

These are free for you to read at your leisure.

Like to find out what the team behind the Series said about their experiences?


Once you’ve explored these, click on the button below to take you to the introductory  – or first chapter –  into the world of History’s Keeper.

As with all CYOA style stories, you will be left a series of options to choose in order to continue with the adventure.  Should you wish to continue, you will need to follow the link to the checkout, hosted on paypal.

Your payment will give you access, via a special password,  to the entire History’s Keeper story where you can follow threads, pick and choose storylines, as you fancy.

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By clicking on the History’s Keeper button, you understand that there are adult themes, action and language embedded within parts of the story.